Hello Brooklyn

When I say “Hello Brooklyn,” in my mind, I hear some Beastie Boys beats immediately drop afterward

I got here to New York yesterday and it’s been go! go! go! ever since.

This is why I live in Ohio because otherwise I’d be dead from sheer exhaustion.

Heck, I should be sleeping now.

Last night? The Long Count opened, which is part of the reason I’m here. I had no idea what to expect from this visual and musical collaboration and I found it to be weird and wonderful and exhilarating. I’m not good with words, Brooklyn Vegan puts them together real good (and has a sample MP3) as bonus.

Today? Woke up way early and made it down to the chock-full-of-awesome-people Studio 612a where I finally, after years of online fawning, met The Swiss Miss live and in person.

First words? “Oh my you’re tall!”

A bit of chat, gushing, 30 questions, some of the most excellent coffee one can make without a barista on hand, then it was time to get down to survey the possibilities with FictiveKin.

Not sure exactly what will be packed in the next few days, but I am reminded that any trip to New York is too short.

Current music: The Long Count “Bull Run” (featuring Kelley Deal)

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  1. Please tell Swissmiss that your decidedly un-designery friend is a huge fan of her website. And have a slice for me. Oh! And take mini-van cabs in case you are on “Cash Cab”!

  2. So, we had a talk with Brooklyn, and we are all ok with slowing down a little bit for you to consider moving here, maybe? Brooklyn needs a ChrisGlass.

  3. There really is nothing like NYCizzle. Wait, noboday says that (except me). This post makes me want to go back to NYC and shoot tons of photos again.

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