so many days, I lost count

So those 60+ days that just rolled by? Well, I was taking photos all along the way. Don’t worry, I’m fine, really. Just remiss and have lots of stories and news to share.

At one point I thought I’d never get my act together and post them. So I spent this week sorting and selecting and did a push on Sunday, filling in all the visual blanks.

There were a lot of moments that deserve their own journal entry – but for now? This’ll have to do:

PhotosScroll through all the snapshots at the “album,” ten days at a time.

Current music: Oingo Boingo “Just Another Day”


  1. i’m glad you’re back. i was missing photographic inspiration. (i hope all is well.)
    thanks for the heads-up on the new swell season album. i’ve been waiting for it…
    btw, i saw kim and kelley deal last night performing in “the last count” at the brooklyn academy of music. a very exciting show!

  2. It’s good to see you back. I didn’t realize you were posting to both your journal and photos.
    By the way, the new place looks great and besides living room, dining room, kitchen and office, you can also see a bedroom.

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