this had the potential to end in tears

Luckily it did not. Other toys were found to occupy their attention.

Saturday was perfect for a grillout, and friends down in Loveland had one fired up for a Draft Day party.

I’m not exactly sure what all the football stuff was all about, but since the chart of colleges and draft picks was on the table with the chips and dips, I would pop inside, nod, and graze.

Outside was breezy and perfectly sunny. If folks weren’t old or pregnant we would have set up the Ladder Golf set (also known as Hillbilly Horseshoes, Bolo Toss, Monkey Balls, Chuck Your Nuts, Dangly Bits, Donkey Balls, Golfshoes, Twigs and Berries, Rodeo Golf, and many more… for real).

Instead we enjoyed spending time between the sun and the shade, nursing cool drinks, circling the grill, and running after kids. Good times.