Because I have a deep love for onomatopoeia

That crashing sound outside was our garbage can taking a stroll around the neighborhood in the gusty evening wind.

I herded it back to the safety of the garage.

In other news, I went to work and accidentally left the radio on NPR.

They kept saying stimulus and package.

Later in the day I was productive donning writers cap in the studio—finally bringing together everyone’s thoughts on a vision/mission/culture manifesto. Something long overdue.

Zoomed home to check out cars with a friend who is in need.

I never get tired of sitting in different rides, and despite our ragamuffin exteriors, all the salesfolk were kind.

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  1. I spent the weekend with a friend shopping for cars too. I enjoyed it, but damn it was windy this weekend. I think it took several layers of dead skin off me. A peel without the price I guess.

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