mounded [ similar view, same place, more snow, from last year ]

Somehow I didn’t get the memo that we’d be getting dumped on with snow again.

By mid-afternoon yesterday I knew it would be futile to head home after work.

I spent the night with Wendy and Tom in their dreamy spare bed at the farm.

Woke up to the pitter patter of three sets of little feet, that were off school, again.


  1. This has been a rough 2009 so far, I must say.
    They had said here in areas of Cleveland we would get up to 18″. I don’t think they were prepared for this storm; I didn’t realize we were getting it either. However, I think the southern part of the state was hammered worse than us.
    I laugh every time I see these big piles of snow. In high school, a friend got in trouble for something I can’t remember now, but his parents grounded him ‘until the snowpiles in the shopping center melted.’
    I remember two weeks later, a bunch of guys were out on the piles stomping them and one had even brought a small blow torch, in hopes of getting the kid out of the house.

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