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February 21, 2009

little pink house

the things I pass when taking a different route to work

I was on the road earlier than usual that morning, which was nice because the sun was out.

I drove the long way to the studio, looping through two McDonalds only to press onward because the drive-thru lines were too long.

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such a lovely picture! thanks for sharing :)

Posted by: Esther Maria Swaty | Feb 24, 2009 7:26:02 PM

You are right Adam. My big goal was to cut out sugared soda.

I'm doing good for the most part, only getting unsweetened tea when in such drive-thrus.

Posted by: Glass | Feb 23, 2009 5:00:22 PM

Tsk tsk! I remember reading not too long ago about making some diet goals! Pass on those McDonalds, and consider...

- Granola before leaving in the morning
(it's delicious!)

- Frosted Mini-wheats before leaving in the morning
(Healthier than you would think)

- Bring in an apple and a granola bar
(just avoid chocolate dipped ones, apples or bars)

- Bring in a bagel and toast it at work

Love the pictures, keep it up!

Posted by: Adam | Feb 23, 2009 4:38:25 PM

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