But it looked right in the store

applying stain to baseboards

Sunday the weather was almost springy.

We pushed aside our mental plans for the day to tackle baseboards.

But first, a trip to the big box hardware place to make ugly faces at the lighting options.

I’m pretty sure we’re either going to find what we need for the dining room in smaller, local, boutique type joint, or we’re going all Myles of Style and making one out of a plunger, string, broken tea cups, hot glue and beads.

(tip from a reader: need to check out Switch lighting store in Cincinnati)

As for the baseboards, we learned the hard way that it is important to follow the directions and test a small area with the stain to ensure it works physically and emotionally.

Ours failed the latter test, being just enough off color from our floors to create tension.

Maybe we’ll paint them white and be done with it.


  1. White is nice until it gets banged up, dusty, and dirty.
    Then you either have to try and clean it OR paint it all over again. Actually, it also depends on where the baseboards are (in a highly traveled vs. not-as-much-used area). That said, stain can be great – maybe you need to mix your own color for ultimate satisfaction.

  2. I think you’re right Belmont. We’re going to go back for a custom mix (or mix one ourselves this next go round).
    And thanks for the lighting option John T!

  3. I am glad I am not the only one that winces walking in big box store lighting departments. I wonder what goes on in the designer heads when creating them? …Ah, now that looks like my grandma’s oil glass lamp shade. Now to bring back my favorite wrought iron design from the screen door of my families house in the 70’s. Oh, it needs to look antique, dip and rub some motor oil on that…

  4. i opted for white baseboards (against the new bamboo floors); it looks good. in the room with all the bamboo/lauhala wall covering (only in hawai’i, i am sure), they sell bamboo baseboards and trim. imagine cutting a piece of bamboo in half or a little more. it actually looks good; i like it.

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