bad jeans

A moment to vent

I’m surprised I haven’t used this horrible pun for a headline before, but apparently it is a first. (I determined this after making a custom search (CSE) for most of the places I post online:

Back to the Levi’s pictured above… I know I have no ass, but pulling up one’s pants by the belt loops shouldn’t lead to tearing.

This has happened to every recent pair of jeans I’ve got.

It’s redonk.


  1. Happens to me as well. Wish the warranty on the label was still in effect. It would be great if it took two oxen to pull apart my jeans instead of just me correcting some southern migration.

  2. Same damned thing happened to 3 pairs of Levi’s jeans that I bought from Target. I’m wondering if Target stocks the “el cheapo” version of the Levi’s. Serious 501 blues. Sorry for the horrible pun.

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