The last Sunday of the break

A spread from the New York Times Magazine, featuring Charlton Heston

One day left and all of a sudden that big list of things I had hoped to tackle over the holiday break started twisting around in my mind, pulsating and growing.

The best course of action was to go to breakfast and read the paper, slowly.

Which we did, at the Meadowlark which is the best place in the area for brunch on a Sunday.

They always have the New York Times available for patrons at this restaurant, which pleases me because like the restaurant, it looks nice and the content is quality. I read the Magazine from last week with all the year end profiles of people that passed away in 2008.

I only made it through a handful before the Potato Roesti arrived. George Carlin was a highlight. Heston (pictured above), not so much. But the real gem was Mildred Loving. (She and her husband won the court case in defense of interracial marriage in the US.) If you’ve a few minutes to spare, I encourage you to read the whole piece: The Color of Love.