One of the first things we fixed

The shower head

Some say that when you own a home, “There’s always something.”

I have found this to be entirely true.

I manhandled the shower head and snapped it cleanly from its mount the first week we moved into this house. The resulting canon of water that hit me in the chest was comedic, in hindsight.

Shopping for replacements at local big box retailers was trying. Selection was abysmal. Most everything was plastic coated with fake silver. There were lots of knobs for massage settings and whatnot. But then there was this institutional looking model pictured above. A metal casing and solid heft, it doesn’t do much, but it works.

In other news: We can’t let water or anything else go down the side of the sink that has the garbage disposal, because it is now an upside-down fountain under there.


  1. My favorite shower head ever was the style used in locker rooms: the energy-efficient, high-pressure spray. I just feel that if I’m not knocked down and flayed by my shower head, then it’s not a very good head. In kind, those “rain simulating” shower heads make me crazy – I can’t get the shampoo out of my hair!!

  2. C.,
    Could not figure out how to post a comment to your spiffy new camera comparison tables, so I stopped over here
    If you get a 5D Mark II, I’m going to be crazy jealous!
    FYI: I fond it here for $1,600:
    However, At $2,000+, I would think about purchasing it at a walk-in store.
    I bought the D40 kit @ Provident on 7th St. in Cincy. And the crappy kit lens broke a few weeks later, they replaced no questions asked. I would have gone crazy trying to deal with an online site to fix that problem!
    However, now I wish I had gone Canon over Nikon. I’m pretty disappointed with the D40! Lowest ISO is 200, the spot AF is terrible, BAD chromatic abbreviation, etc, etc.
    Avoid a “Kit” lens at all cost! the Nikons are almost throwaways.
    As to the 5D Mark II, do a Google search for “Black Spots” looks like the early versions have some “issues.” Either with the sensor or the firm ware. I’m holding off a bit until they get it solved
    Keep us posted if you purchase a new “toy”

  3. Every home we’ve ever lived in, owned or rented, one of the first things we’ve done is replace the shower head with the same Speakman model you chose. Like you said, it doesn’t do much, but what it does do, it does well.

  4. i am telling you, we could compare some notes on our houses. the one we just got…built in the 60’s…no matter where i turn, something “comedic” is happening to it. the last major one was ripping off the wallpaper in the dining room and the walls literally fell in from termite damage. i got that whole, “i feel like i am going to puke now” feeling. hahaha.

  5. My first home disaster was after I had finished painting my kitchen in my first condo. I decided that I could carry all my groceries from the car using the two plastic bags every few fingers method. Well, out fell the 2-liter of cola into the sink, off popped the top and three quarters of a solid nozzle of soda spun across every wall, cabinet and object including myself. Attempting to tame the flying bottle in the sink only had it slip from my hands, bounce onto the floor and create yet another spout across what little area of the kitchen that had not been sprayed with soda. Moral of story. Paint the ceilings too. With latex paint.

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