I refuse to participate in the recession

3 creams. 7:47 a.m.

We’ve been dedicating time at the studio to mind our business so to speak.

For the first two years, our studio has primarily been viewed as a t-shirt company. We do other design work in the background, but it doesn’t fit neatly into our website as it stands. On top of this disparity we started looking a few years out and realized we didn’t have much of a concrete vision in place.

What do we want to do? Where do we see our company? How could we get there?

To chart new territory, we enlisted the help of Laurie, an advisor and business coach. She’s been helping us define, prioritize and tackle a game plan. Along the way we’ve had exercises and assignments to clarify goals and actions. (You might remember the Post-It notes to the future from a while back.)

It’s been very rewarding, but every bit as much hard work.

On Friday we met with other groups and individuals in the area doing the same thing for their business.

I sat there in my car before the workshop, listening to NPR and dumping half-and-half into coffee. The news reports were grim. Job loss reports came out that day. More caution from the financial sector. I’m sure they tickled “Stormy Weather” on the ivories of Marketplace. It was brow furrowing, and even the weird excitement of being up before dawn didn’t ease it up much.

I stepped into the conference room filled with unfamiliar faces, listened perhaps a little harder, and ended the day with a better understanding of this whole planning concept.

When we wrapped up, everyone shared some thoughts of the day and one lady remarked that she “refused to participate in the recession.” I let out a sharp hearty laugh, tinged with a bit of discomfort and optimism.

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  1. I think I’m reading evidence of one of those post-its. I always love your perspective (in images and words) but this new turn at more words is really fun!

  2. We refuse as well.
    So far Dirty Coast has not had a drop in interest from our community, nor has the design studio in work.
    I think the small and nimble are recession proof. We can always find the greener (or simply green) pastures.

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