Happy anniversary, Macintosh

My current rig, an ’07 MacBook Pro with woodgrain

According to this article I came across while reading clusterflock:

Twenty-five years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh at an event in the Flint Center for the Performing Arts to an audience of about 3000 people (video).

I owe a lot to these machines. In high school our forward thinking English and Math teachers pressed the school to get a Macintosh II loaded up with PageMaker 1.0 and a postscript laser printer to put together the school paper.

It was tucked away in a storage room behind the gymnasium, I’m guessing for security reasons, and I remember spending lots of time in there, amazed by the technology.

In college I would take a few years off from computing at the get-go. The design program at Ohio State was largely based on hand skills and theory. A computer lab was created in our junior year (loaded with Centris machines, I think). QuarkXpress was the playground that allowed for precise kerning and control of type.

For my graduating project I jumped into Macromind Director to craft an interface for a CD-ROM using bitmapped graphics. Not much to look at, but it worked.

Fast forward through the years and I’ve had a good share of Apple devices, both personally and at work. Every single one of them held up well (knock on wood veneer). I remember not being able to kill the Quadra tower, and the workhorse laptop is probably the 2001 titanium (my mom’s still using it, though she’s ready for a new rig).

I’ve always looked at these machines as my instrument that I know how to play. Judging from (the) iPhone interface, the future should be very dynamic for sure.

So happy anniversary Macintosh. You help me learn and wonder and create. I’m looking forward to the next twenty-five years. (And Steve Jobs, in the small chance you’ve got a some script crawling the internet for your mention, Thank you, for shaping this computer and the industry. I’m wishing the best for you as well.)

Above: The Macs I’ve had the pleasure to work with…


  1. I still use my Powerbook G3 to stream music and my Titanium G4 for my recipes and wine notes in the kitchen. Sold a few others. Hubby enjoys the MacBook Pro for his photography and I have the flat screen Imac, 2nd generation. It’s so nice to be surrounded by pretty designs. Non-Mac people don’t realize how esthetics can be so calming at work.

  2. my 01 laptop was a workhorse too… it lasted me 7 years.. AND i still have the harddrive as an external 😉

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