Every time I see her she knows more words

Juice, pacifier, muffin, toy car. Everything is in order.

Today the word was, “Again! Again!”

Which the little one pictured above said with elation, motioning me to put on some pink earmuffs again and again.

(Which I did, with no hesitation.)

In other news, I know there’s a book No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog, but can I say that my lunch of vegetable soup and peanut butter and jelly hit the perfect notes on this kinda snowy day? Well it did and I’m fine with that as content. This is a big step in reducing crap and saving money, a recurring theme for this year.

The rest of the day involved pixels, numbers, email, gathering wood, spaghetti, and taking out the garbage.

Hmm, maybe I should buy that book.

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