Diagram of a fall

A representation of my Sunday

1) The log represents a pillar in front of the Original Pancake House.

2) The mannequin represents me after finding a patch of ice.

I made contact full force, with my ear.

My glasses and mobile phone (also in the diagram) survived completely unharmed.

Not pictured: My face drained of color in the emergency room, and the disapproving look the nurse gave when her leading questions revealed the fella in the waiting room was not just my friend. (Who I should mention, was a knight in shining armor during the whole ordeal.)

The doctor said it was merely a flesh wound, and I would live.

No stitches required.

I’m going to sleep on my side tonight.


  1. Disapproving looks? Really??? That’s disgusting, you shouldn’t have to put up with that 🙁 Hope you feel better now though. Was it ‘merely a flesh wound’ Monty Python-style? LOL
    And I appreciate the effort of the very cool diagram!! Nicely done

  2. That is awesome. Not the fall itself, but your multi-media telling of it. The story just lacks some karmic retribution for that nurse.

  3. Oh, Chris. I love how you make lovely and interesting and refreshing lemonade from these lemons.
    Also, your face will heal in time. Sounds like our poor nurse is going to need much more than that.

  4. Lawsuit! Lawsuit! Lawsuit!
    Weren’t you just mentioning how bad your neck was hurting this morning…

  5. Thanks for all the well-wishes everyone.
    As for the nurse, I tried to be extra kind and affable. By the end I think she warmed up to me. Baby steps.

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