a raindrop, caught in the flash

the weeds that grow by the pole barn

The car was covered in a beautiful layer of ice this morning. Nature’s way of saying, “slow down fella” or “if you got rid of all that junk on one side of the garage, you wouldn’t have to deal with this.”

White knuckled it on the way to work as the semi trucks boxed me in on the parts of the highway that seem forever under construction. Eyed the temperature readout in hopes that the spray of drops kicked up from their tires was indeed water and not ice.

Got to studio and skated across the gravel in tiny shuffled steps.

In other news: apparently my debit card was hijacked and the bank caught suspicious activity at some Wal-Mart in upstate NY. The bad news is that it’ll take a little time to sort it all out, but the good news is that they caught it and I won’t be dinged for any overdrafts.

I’m thinking it’d be kind nifty to have a protection feature where you’re automatically called when a large purchase is made, and you have to key in a sequence to approve the charge.

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  1. According to my friend that lives in S. Korea, they do that phone notification thing for purchases there.

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