Velvet cone

DUKE / Duchess Shoppe

Yesterday I donned chauffeur cap—taking a fella in town for Music Now Festival down to Cincinnati.

Worried what we might talk about for an hour in transit, my fears abated on instant when I asked if he lived in Brooklyn. He was from New York and all… A gasp and resounding no, he said “Everyone in Brooklyn has projects.”

Which from what I know, is absolutely true.

I like spicy conversation though, and this fit the bill.

When we pulled into the Duke gas station, he noted the sign, “Velvet Cone? I think that’s a lesbian bar in Lexington. (insert beat) I’ve been there.”

Sidenote: My previous entry on the MusicNow festival from 2006. I’ll be back down for opening night this evening. I’m told it will be excellent. Here’s the full line-up.

Current music: The Dirty Projectors “(Throw on the) Hazard Lights”