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January 11, 2008


The dragon above the stage. Aronoff Center. Cincinnati, OH

Saw Wicked (again) last night. This time the seats were immensely better than the first time around. (Those box seat balcony things on the side of the theatre look really awesome, but the views are crap.)

The view on the ground exposed much of the set and lighting I'd not seen before. It was like an entirely different show.

My mom came along and said the show was like being 10 years old and seeing a fairy-tale come to life in a whole new way. I remember those goosebumps. And after playing the heck out of the soundtrack over the past year or so, those goosebumps are still there.

Previously I wrote "I like this show a lot.... for taking an old familiar story and twisting it deliciously into something with greater meaning." I'm not sure if the meaning is greater, but I always appreciate when my notions are expanded by another perspective.

Current music: Original Broadway Cast "For Good"

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