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If only everything had a button to diagnose and fix problems, like a printer

I was forwarded an email that spoke quite ill of Barack Obama. One word in particular came to mind when reading it: persecution.

Now it’s early in the whole presidential race and I’ll wait until things settle before sounding off proper, but I wanted to note this particular bunk. If I had received something about Romney or Huckabee, I would also take it with a grain of salt and seek answers to the best of my ability.

In this scathing email it is written: “We checked this (he’s a flag-hating muslim who refuses to say the pledge of allegiance) out on snopes.com. It is factual. Check for yourself.”

Not that Snopes is some great trusted source, but I heard mention of this at the last debate. So I went ahead to check and here’s what they had to say:

The e-mail in circulation claims “We were told this was checked out on ‘snopes.com’. It is factual. Check for yourself.” and includes a link to this web site. It’s our guess that whoever included that bit was counting on folks to not check, as our article says the opposite.

Here’s the link. Mind you, their site has pop-ups and questionable practices in content presentation, but they seem to answer the questions with adequate citation for my comfort.

Just thought I’d share. I figure we’ll all be getting our inboxes flooded with this stuff.