near the casinos in Laurenceburg, Indiana, having nothing to do with this entry

I haven’t begun the process of picking favorite photos for the year, but I’m glad to say every one of ’em has been backed up (in two different physical locations). I don’t know how many images there are, but I do know they take up a 75.4 GB chunk of drive space.

I’ve no lists of things or experiences I enjoyed most in 2007, but there were many.

I also don’t have any resolutions proper, but I was reading a magazine at my mom’s house that took a nice approach to the whole affair. Instead of a big thing, break it down into manageable chunks. So in lieu of cutting out carbs, make a resolution to eat more quinoa.

Sounds good to me.

Tonight, I’m heading down to Cincinnati to ring in ’08.

I am determined not to lose my camera this time.

Current music: Orba Squara “Perfect Timing (This Morning)”