Links because I forgot my camera

Clockwise from top left

CoverFlow – A mac app that allows you to browse your collection like a jukebox. It pulls missing images from online sources, and isn’t as buggy as previous versions.

Paper works – Really wonderful and inspiring works created by a sheet of paper. Also check out Paper Art (via plasticbag)

Make-a-Flake – A snowflake maker by Lookandfeel new media… Essentially start at the edges and plot our your cut. Nicely done (thanks artsycub)

Maps – Because maps are cool and a great gift, and not too dang expensive.

Hanks Trucks Pictures – Exhaustive collection of trucks and semis (via Coudal)

Pixel House – Pixely isometric goodness I wish I could click back through to expose rooms. (flash)

Ugly Shoe of the Week – Ug

iChat Transcript Manager – Until spotlight stops grinding and gets better, there’s this to help sort through chat data (mac)