Margaret Garner

at the Cincinnati Opera

I went to the dress rehearsal of Margaret Garner last night at Music Hall. They do a full run through for family, friends and the press. The ticket read “No Cameras” and I complied, capturing this billboard on the way home in lieu of something on stage.

And what a something it was…

A while back I declared my disdain for opera. I don’t get the cadence of it, pining instead for more distinct melodies. It always seems so… tragic. This makes me fidget.

But this one made the hairs on the back of my arms stand up ever so slightly from time to time, and I actually teared up a few moments.

Long story short, some spoilers: A woman is tried for killing her children so they won’t have to grow up in slavery. The courts have to decide if she should be charged with destruction of property or murder. The latter would provide legal discourse that slaves were indeed human.

I was a bit shocked when the judges sang that the law and the Bible was on their side (in support of the “destruction of property” charge.) I was expecting some controversy—just not that angle.

Overall it was thought provoking and well played out (in English mind you.) I think I have a better understanding of how tragedy plays into this art form and I’m proud that Cincinnati is part of the commission that had this piece created.