Bonnie “Prince” Billy (note the audience member in the righthand corner)

I remember the day distinctly when I saw this album at the record store up the street and bought it without any hesitation, unheard.

Turns out it was pretty dang good in the most mellow and quiet of ways.

Fast forward a few years and that fella with the beard joined up with a guitarist from Zwan (not quite the worst band ever) and made Superwolf. I’d link to a site but I can only seem to find paltry pages on the label’s online sprawl… (Where did I recently read that artist websites are the new album covers that we spend our time gazing through…)

Anyways, they performed at the smoke filled Southgate House in Kentucky last night and were true to the sound on their record. However, the whole staging and vibe seemed off in a some inexplicable way. Although I love the venue, I think they require something more comfortable. Outside? On a porch with beer stocked coolers? I dunno.

Maybe I’m remiss that I haven’t seen Mr. Billy performing his subtle solo material.

Regardless, his voice was a fine thing to hear live and the karaoke afterward made me feel my entertainment dollar was well spent.