Pedro the Lion

Dave Bazan fronts the band and apparently a guy on soundboard has seen the video from The Ring

The concert tonight was the great I thought. Not so much for the music—that was good, but to just see the band flushing out their personalities, that was nice.

The lead singer entertained questions from the crowd between songs, avoiding requests. He started rambling about why he has no favorites he’s written, as performing them live varies their vibe. One night Bands With Managers is great, the next night it “fucking sucks.”

He also revealed that he has no favorite breakfast food, though his wife does. She rang his mobile between songs but he just missed the call. I can forgive if a band has phones, but when audience members spend too much time text messaging, I get a bit irked.

Not as irked though as when someone yells out, “I voted for Bush” when the lead singer took a moment to encourage Ohio voters to question electronic polling.

Frickin’ moron. And here I thought people that voted for Bush never said it publicly.