A delicious day.

A drive to Louisville with my mom, brother and grandma to my Aunt’s place for a mid-afternoon Thanksgiving meal.

My cousins were in town on that side of the family and it was good to see them all. Spiffy dressers each one of them. I felt bad I’ve yet to get a proper haircut. My shirt stained. Couldn’t find any “nice” pants. Oh well.

My greeting to my Aunt April included a disclaimer about the stain, just to get it out in the open. She said she probably would have never seen it had I not mentioned it.

One of these days I’ll surprise everyone and be presentable.

I’m not sure the relation of my cousin’s kids… niece-in-law? step-nephew? Naw. I’m not sure. Anyways, they toted their I Spy book to everyone throughout the day and I think they now know the difference between a soul patch and a beard.

We went out to the barn to see my Uncle’s pride and joy. I should’ve gotten more details about his horse, as she’s a beaut. It’s the law in Kentucky that you must have at least one if you have a barn.

The day turned out to be brisk, with great light peeking from the dull gray skies as the afternoon wore on. Lots of humor and good vibes saturated the day.

The food was tasty and I’ve one loosened button on the waistband of my (not very nice) pants to prove it.

More photos from the day.