Lounge Acts

The Golden Republic, as pieced together by a series of photos,
none of which worked by itself.

It was an Astralwerkian day as I was lucky enough to head downtown and snap more photos at an in-studio double header hosted by the streaming music station (there’s really no radio involved).

I’m a little star struck by folks who make a living by pouring their life into music. I can’t imagine rolling from city to city, greeting strangers and having to perform on the spot. Like Jem yesterday, these fellas make it look comfortable, fun and more importantly, they exude this vibe of good people.

Now I may be wrong, perhaps I didn’t hang out with them long enough, or maybe it’s just that I want to believe that there’s something greater at work.

Sondre Lerche

Anyhow, with the constraints of the lounge, acoustic sets are easier to set up. So again I was the lucky one, getting to spend a slice of the afternoon hearing The Golden Republic and Sondre Lerche warm up, lay a few songs down and then share some stories through a mini-interview.

I’m not picking favorites. I suppose it could be that stripped down performances reveal melody and lyrics, of which I’m fond. These folks had chops of the musical kind, and after sorting through photos, I need to hone mine behind the camera.