Donuts on your lawn

Yeah, black and white helps this photo.

My few weeks off of journaling the day to day, and I had one of those days that really need not be recorded. Take a picture, slop on some old song lyrics and blah blah blah.

I picked up Paper Mario 2 during lunch and saw this Camaro outside the game store. Sadly, it was a gray day and that was about the only cool thing I came across.

Unless you count all these new market specific aggregate blogs from Gawker media—like this car one called Jalopnik that featured a glimpse of what a new Camaro might look like.

Oh, I didn’t open the mario game, I’m on a roll with work, so I decided it could wait.

The only other interesting thing I can note here, is that while looking up the Dead Milkmen lyrics, I finally realized what they shout at the end of Bitchin Camaro.

I’m drunk on unleaded!