Iowa style at Kansas prices

What I like about IKEA:
– Furnish a room for cheap.
– Simple lines and clean shapes for the most part.
– Reasonable vittles.
– Great visual language with their signage.

What I don’t like about IKEA:
– Furniture with cheapness akin to Old Navy. Some items great for the short term only.
– Kerning on the signage is atrocious.

I went there to help out, and when it seemed my help wasn’t going to be needed, I went anyway. I had no idea Pittsburgh was so close to me. This, I will have to explore more.

I did get to drive a U-Haul back though, pleasantly packed with all sorts of furniture for all sorts of people. I even bought myself some barstools and a toilet brush (for 79ยข, a bargain).

I allen-wrenched one together this morning. It’s too tall I think. I should’ve measured beforehand. Stool sampling is tough to do by the seat of one’s pants.

Don’t think I’m anti-IKEA, I’ve slept on one of their mattresses and thought it was the cat’s meow.

I hear they plan to open up 5 stores in the US each year. Maybe they’ll target Columbus OH since it’s a test market for all things midwestern. It’s much closer to home.

In unrelated news, we’re getting a Trader Joes in Cincinnati. Next we’ll be legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes.