Garden State

This is not a period, it is an elipsis…

When I catch myself as the sun goes down, wondering how I’ll make the evening pass, I’ll often consider the movie listings. It’s a hike for the noggin.

This spontaneity bodes poorly for company, but it allows me to be consistent. I’m an awful planner.

I’ve been wanting to see Garden State for some time now, ever since the trailer with excellent soundtrack and symmetric visuals. So I went in time for the previews to roll.

No spoilers here really.

The movie is haze lifting from lithium. Scenes are beautifully framed with slices of revelation that often escape us in times of duress. There’s a quiet humor about it. The pacing is akin to flashcards—nary enough time to reflect before something new is presented. Not MTV style. Slow and normal. Often sad, and sometimes, fucking great.