Dinner Club: Hooligans

Nachos with plastic salsa container

There needs to be nacho innovation. They’re a mess. All the glop is on top and the chips get buried. Maybe a nacho bar for the table, separating everything into neat containers with spoons.

Aside from this mess, the monthly get together with friends for vittles went quite well. Often the first Tuesday of the month conflicts with volleyball night for many of the folks, so we decided to combine the two.

I had pot roast, since it was the daily special and I figured it was made that day. Super salty gravy paired with sweet carrots and a hint of cinnamon steamed to mush.

Hooligans is pretty much Hooters without the orange shorts. There’s still busty broads, pantyhose and chicken wings. Outside, they’ve got a nice big sand volleyball court.

We finished our meal with little time to digest and see Team Love (I think that was what they called themselves) win their lot. Why that name? ‘Cause it’s lame and that’s funny.