Way over on the west side

Knirps for moisture

I’m starting to get a sense of what it’s going to be like working from home. I relish lunch and the opportunity to step out of my pad and walk around the neighborhood.

I’m finding it’s both exciting and scary, depending on the time of day and the block. For the most part though, it’s just fine. Today I spotted this Pride Parade float (pictured above) parked next to my alley.

It’s an adaptation of the Tyler Davidson Fountain on the Square downtown. Maybe it looks familiar from the opening credits of WKRP in Cincinnati

Our city planners want to invest in retooling Fountain Square, while other urban areas in and around the city limits languish in dire need of development. The shores of Kentucky seem to be jumping through the political hurdles with ease. New restaurants and attractions open up each month facing the skyline from across the river.

I talk with folks from time to time that haven’t visited in a while, and I say, “Oh, Cincinnati has changed a lot over the past years.” And it has. Every once in a while, I believe it. We’ve even got a Craigslist now. (I didn’t happen to stumble upon it while looking for jobs in other cities, of course not).

I wouldn’t mind if a Beard Popa Sweets Cafe were to make it down here though, as we need more cream puffs. That aren’t on City Council.