Mie Yim

Ni-Na-No by Mie Yim (first name pronounced Mee YAY)
2004, 11’10” x 35′

My friend Art was telling me about their new exhibition at the JCCC Gallery of Art the other week, and he sent me a thumbnail of a piece he thought I’d like.

Made with pastels on the wall of the gallery, the scene depicts lots of critters doing questionable things. Maybe it was because of the transient nature of the installation, I find stuff that expires intriguing.

I’m not sure what it is, maybe it’s the colors, or the playfulness of the characters (I’m usually not so fond of cute bear stuff), but I really like this. It’s fun, and a little twisted.

In fact, I’d like to stare up at it and see the detail up close. I know I’m missing out on the nuance from all the scaling and compression going on here. I’ve tried color correcting it as well, to no avail.

They’ve extended the show, so perhaps I will have an opportunity to see it for myself.