Crater Lake

Wizard Island

The trip from Eugene Oregon had a tangent tourist loop around Crater Lake. A beautiful place with packed snow still lingering along the curvy road.

Billed as Oregon’s only National Park, I became suspect. This state is one of the most diverse geographically, it couldn’t be true. Some research revealed it’s simply a matter of semantics, there are lots of other treasures here, but only one National Park.

That done, it was time to head down to Grass Valley for dinner. I can still look over the menu (posted previously) and recount every dish. I cannot tip my hat enough to the chef and his other half for making it happen. It was a ton of work just transporting the fixins, let alone preparing. I feel privy that luck would have me in town to enjoy it.

I slept well on a porch out in the California air that night.