Up on the watershed


I got a call as I was sitting in my apartment, stewing. It was from Jenn, fresh from Italy, home in the states for good (for a while at least). It was odd, cause talking on the phone was free… So we caught up a little, but decided this would be conversation best paired with wine.

I drove out to the other side of town to pick her up and we came back to my side to enjoy some Red Truck wine my mom gave me. We uncorked it and walked across the street for dinner at Slims.

All my funks faded away as I chatted with Jenn. A woman who’s pulled roots and found new work so many times, her resumé is a novel. A novel she has yet to write.

We bubbled over notions while breaking bread.

With stomachs full we decided to just hang ’round my apartment in lieu of a bar. We chuckled that we haven’t been in touch in a good piece.

In fact… it was really just a year ago she was here, for her wedding.

Jenn’s off to Texas for a year, after that who knows.

I’m glad she’s a cheap phone call away, and within spittin distance. Though I think her experience in South Texas is going to be more challenging than Italy, Germany or Japan. Just a hunch. Regardless, it will make one heckuva story.