Los Angeles is Burning

Lemur! You’re a lemur! Now burrow! You’re a Vietcong digging an intricate design of maze-like tunnels!

The pimping continues. So that video shoot thing I did not too long ago is now out. Los Angeles is Burning was released today along with Bad Religion’s new album. Talk about turnaround— video production operates on a whole different timescale.

I look like a complete dork. My stiffness is exacerbated by the style of animation, but I digress, I’m just not an animated kinda guy. I lumber and I have two expressions: mad and not mad.

Not mad like in crazy though, which is what the direction called for.

So yeah, about halfway through the video, after the NewsDeathCast, you’ll see me wearing a sandwich board with words and bugs on it, a few close-ups and then again toward the end.

Overall, I dug getting to see the storyboards and folks behind the shoot— the whole process. It was great fun. Next time though, I’ll lubricate with Budweiser before I hit the soundstage. Lord knows it might help my stiff “acting.”

Checkout the video : Go to the Scroll down to the left column and view Los Angeles is Burning.