Junior High Mustache is for lovers

Make out music

I read on Bash’s journal that Junior High Mustache was gonna be playing up in Columbus on Friday, with fella Coachella attendee Green.

I was fretting that I got on the road too late, but who am I kidding? Rockstars are nocturnal.

Fat Girls By the Snack Table started the evening off right with dirty beat box rowdiness. There was handclapping, jumping up and down and hints of disco bliss.

I got to hang with the entourage and members of JHM and Hugger and felt like a little superstar was rubbing off on me.

I had a handful of Budweisers.

JHM took to stage and tore it up with tight fast hard fun rawk.

I only caught the first handful of tunes from Hugger, but they were heavier than your mom.