Father’s Day

Out the kitchen window

All my brothers and sister got together today to grill out and plant a garden (albeit late in the season) for our dad.

I was slow getting there, lugging all my laundry for freshening.

The weather couldn’t have been better and even Dad came outside to sit under the shade for a piece as we prepped the beds and planted tomatoes, beans, flowers and other things. He’d say things like, “It’s wearing me out just watching ya’s” and head back inside for a few.

It probably just looked harder than it was, one Glass family trait is the ability to sweat buckets.

Overall, a really great day. I ate like a pig with snacks every few hours. Cheesecake and American Chopper rounded out the evening before I broke my sister’s computer.

Spent the night, now getting ready to take my Dad to doctor for one o them scan things.