Chortles, sharts, chlorine and brisket

The monkey works the tiara

On Thursday, while playing videogames online, Mr. Corbett asked me if I was coming to the party on Friday. It’s almost like talking on the phone, these new fangled videogames with headsets.

I didn’t get the invite. They used snail service and over-designed it to resemble junk mail.

Anyways, I hit the road on Friday and made it in time for the VegasSissy party to hang out with their friends in from Las Vegas, the infamous faceless Elise, and a handful of local characters.

The party soiree was fun.

I learned new words like shart and a Russian trombone. These went well with my new favorite, a creamy pirate.

Saturday started with big breakfast and an afternoon at the community pool slash breeding ground for hepatitis. Videogames followed with an airport run to pick up Chad. We also got to reconnect briefly wif the Vegas-bound fellers whose flight back was super delayed.

Today, we attack the remaindering barbeque brisket in celebration of Pride, then it’s off to terrorize Elise and her family unit.