And you may find yourself in another part of the world

And you may ask yourself— well…How did I get here?

I didn’t sleep well last night. I get too excited or something. It never fails on the eve before travel— I wake up at odd hours from partial slumber and find something else to throw in the bag.

I set 5 alarms on the phone.

Morning light started to creep across my bedroom with the sounds of cars driving through rain.


Birds were chirping. I might as well give in and finish up the task of packing and head to the airport.

I deleted the 5 unused alarms on the phone.

Everything fell into silent routine— though there was blurry conversation, and nothing about this was routine. Transferring luggage to my friend’s truck. Driving through the steady rain. The bus from the parking lot. The automated ticket machine. The moving sidewalks. The hiccup of a layover to switch to a smaller plane. Landing in Palm Springs.

It’s a pleasant hot leaving the tarmac to the terminal.

I hear my name yelled, and there are brief hellos and everyone is looking happy but slightly dazed.

We split to respective hotels. I find the pool and a banana daiquiri.