T-shirt Collection: Not Com

Photo by Ma

Here’s something dumb I’ve been meaning to do for some time — archive digitally my most favorite of t-shirts. I’ve got scores of them, and hope to one day fashion a quilt or something out of the old ones.

This one I got back in 1998 I think, on a trip to San Francisco visiting my friend Ray and his girlfriend. He had one and I squealed that I must go to that very store in the Haight and get my own. Okay, maybe I didn’t squeal, but I did get all giddy.

They only had large, so I bought one anyway and stretch it out from time to time, stuffing my knees up under it when I first pull it over my head.

I am a total freak when it comes to caring for my t-shirts. They never go in the dryer. That’s why I have them dating back to high school.