Goldilocks barns

The sky was nice, but the temperature wasn’t.

Unlike yesterday, the brisk weather returned for what I hope is the last hurrah. I wound the clock forward on this 04.04.04 with some dismay. I tend to be a “fall back” kinda fella. But warmth is good, I just hope Summer doesn’t step on Spring’s toes.

I accomplished many tasks this weekend, and continued a streak exploring the outlying neighborhoods and checking off things from my to-do list. I found a nearby Home Depot and got handy things that don’t come with a new abode. Garbage cans, window screens, and some wall-hanging apparatus(es).

Picked up Ice cube trays, a baking sheet (I tossed out the old one), and other odds and ends at some home goods type store to boot.

It may read as boring, but getting things in order, and finding new places around the area is extremely rewarding. I dropped off my bike for a major tune-up, emptied my car of all the last bits of items from the move, found a sweet deal on an xbox Live connect kit, a used videogame store unearthed a copy of a car game for 12 bucks. Candles that smell like grass. Laundry april fresh and folded.

This evening I ventured over to my sister’s house and found the evening light to be right enough to capture these barn triplets I pass by every time.

Dinner was tasty, caught up with the pops and brother some, traded barbs with my niece, and enjoyed the whole evening very much.