Drip drip drop

Little April Showers

Hot off the heels of travel, I went over to the other side of town today for my father’s treatment. A four hour process of hearing the machine pump “therapy” through his veins. He’s holding up rather well, though tired and nauseous most of the time. But he’s more agile now, almost able to figure out the seat-belts in my car with his left hand.

We shared some small talk between his napping in the recliner. Other patients had TVs, but I at least had a good book to chew.

As my pops dozed, I noticed, mainly because I take so many self-photos of late, that we have the same nose. Er, my nose takes after his. I also realized that ,as he loses weight, we’re of similar builds.

I snuck out and got him a double cheeseburger and was happy to see he had an appetite for it.