Change of Life

Left: Movie Star Junkie (Detail), 1997. Photo by John Waters
Right: John Waters, Los Angeles, 1994. Photo by Greg Gorman

<< Rewind — Thor kept itinerary details light, pointing me to the subway, pavement, bus or cab to our destinations.

First stop? The John Water’s exhibit luckily extended at the New Museum. Who knew this director also is a photographer? I suppose it’s like talking to Phil Collins’ people, aren’t we all?

Anyways, we get there and I dab my flop-sweat with a hanky and try to focus.

Then I got into the rhythm of the show, digging Water’s juxtaposition and humor. At points, I found myself letting out staccato grunts of delight. I can’t remember much in life, but I don’t remember laughing inside an art gallery so heartily.

A room in the back housed a flick of Divine re-enacting the Kennedy assassination. What fun.

Two thumbs up, and one dirty foot.