The tracks of my arms

G.E. – Imagination at work

The technician asked me which arm I wanted the IV placed in. Oh, use the left I said, make the bruises symmetrical.

After a couple beats, he got it and laughed.

An amicable bunch, I got my CT-scan without much fanfare at the University hospital after winding my way through the bowels of the building with endless corridors.

Folks sleeping in the hallways on gurneys.

Others shuffling around with oxygen tanks.

Construction workers pulling wires from drop ceilings.

Man, this place is dilapidated. Everything so run down. Doors propped open of electrical rooms straight out of A Nightmare on Elm Street.

I was glad to leave.

Considering the day, taking my dad to radiation (and having to leave early ’cause the machine was broken), facing my own medical issues, I drove home mildly ok with it all.

Just reminders to live better.