2004 Auto Show, Columbus OH

The new Nissan Quest – weerdest production interior of the lot

I love lookin’ at cars. I figure it’s like women and shoes, or purses.

I can window shop and feel sated.

The auto show this year was filled with more retro-updates and fancy tail lights that’ve become so popular of late. Aside from a bland showing from VW (I don’t fit in the Toerag and the pricetag on the Phaeton is LUDICROUS) – it was a mostly good waste of time.

I think Ford’s renewed interest in cars is a good thing. American automakers love to let things fester to a point where it just damages their entire line.

I couldn’t find the new Corvette, but that’s okay, I think the loss of popup headlamps to fit within European standards is a mistake.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, I think gray is the new black for 2004. Most models sported the subdued hue.

I think to spice up attendance, automakers should dress the car model models in pvc or rubber.

PhotosHere’s a few angles that caught my eye.