Green pea soup, garlic, herbs

“A restaurant with no telephone, no credit cards and communal tables” – That’s how Slim’s (in Northside – a community of Cincinnati) is described. The door says, “5:30pm ’til the food’s gone”.

I met Wendy and Tom outside not knowing what to expect, other than Kate said we’d like it. So we find one end of a table free. Two older couples are there. One of them has brought their own wine in a handy basket tote.

The first rule of Slims— bring your own wine. We didn’t know this, but luckily we could order “Groove Juice” … grape and lime juice mixed with soda water.

Quite tasty.

The menu is limited: a few appetizers, a salad and four main courses to choose from each evening. I had rosemary cod with vanilla scented mashed swede.

The article I read was outdated. They now have a phone now at Slims. What they also have is a great atmosphere, where strangers smile and strike up conversation. It’s so very different from any place I’ve eaten, it borders on European, but even in Europe it didn’t seem this, down to earth.

On Sundays, they have tango dancing and food.

The food was excellent.

I can’t wait to go here again, next time, with wine in tow.