Down with Love

Up with chocolate

I take this photo to document the chocolate bar one of the marketing folk offered me this afternoon.

It came at just the right time.

Seems around 3pm every day, I crave chocolate, or coffee, or chocolate flavored coffee. I used to crave fresh cut fruit— my mom used to prepare this for the whole office (at our largest), but it’s a luxury long gone with the dot-bust.

I just had a couple squares this afternoon, but I was sold on this brand. I’m not a big fan of the darker chocolates, but this was fine, fine, fine. The perfect balance of flavor and texture. The marketing gal orders it special from Europe and has to buy 20 bars to flush out the order. I said I’d chip in for the next shipment.

Reminds me, I rented Down with Love last week. It was one of the “sensitive” flicks in the bunch to balance out Whale Rider (er, wait, that was sensitive too). A colorful film, with a nod to older classic romance movies. I will say Renée Zellweger’s little bit toward the end made it worthwhile. Why the tangent? Well, her character says sex can be replaced with chocolate. That part was less believable, but I digress.

Addiction is addiction though.