About Schmidt

Encyclopedia Brown Gets His Man

So I’ve been renting a lot of movies lately, sitting on the couch pouring through photos, preparing online albums. Not just for me, but also there’s a few galleries for a client.

It’s allowed me to catch up with a bunch of things I’ve wanted to see, as I wait for better weather.

I’ve found that a good movie, can pull me away from the laptop. A bad movie, and my mind drifts back to the pixels.

So I rented About Schmidt. I thought I heard somewhere that Jack Nicholson said in an interview (after 9/11) that he was only going to make comedies from here on out, because the world needs more laughter. I respected that notion and picked up the flick thinking I’d get a chuckle.

The music kept making me feel like it was supposed to be funny, but it wasn’t really. Which made the pairing of what was going on-screen and what I was hearing an uncomfortable combination.

I appreciate capturing the mundane and the inane. I appreciate characters that go from clueless to compassionate. But overall, this left me wanting.