Waffle House

cigarettes and chocolate milk and grease

The town roughly between Cincinnati and Columbus has turned into one of those Outlet Mall destinations and it seems to actually not be failing.

This used to be the exit for the Lion’s Den adult book store, a truckstop, a gas station, a 60’s motel, and of course, a Waffle House.

This is one of the few places to stop midway home, so from time to time I find myself gassing up there and grabbing a bite to eat.

Fast food joints have engulfed every square inch from the exit to the entrance of the Outlet Mall. But I wasn’t in the mood for any value meal’s, so I went to the Waffle House to get my Saturday eggs and bacon.

I ponied up to the bar and sat in front of the menu / laminated place mat and got the combo meal that had a little bit of everything. I like it when grits come standard and apple butter is an option with raisin bread for toast.

This place looks long overdue for a remodel, and I saddened a moment, realizing that it probably never would get a fresh coat of paint with all the competition surrounding the funky little building.

McDonald’s will never have the waitress with her hand on her hip yelling back to the kitchen for the cashier that her smoke break is over. For that matter, there won’t be a bar, or hashbrowns served 8 different ways with a slew of variations, or the coupling of yellow brown and orange as the anchor for decor and uniforms.