More mirrors

“I know you, I know you”
(Said in Martin Short / Harry Shearer synchronized swimmer voices)

So today I met up with Anne, Wendy, Tom and Baby at the antique store where my mom now works. She has been at this job for the past two weeks and it suits her much more than the last job, based on commission and backstabbing.

We perused the aisles… I found this print I really liked, but it wasn’t priced, so I’m holding out to hear back from the dealer. It was of this ol pickup truck with a cap. Real odd colors.

But this isn’t the season about making my empty walls fuller, this is about giving, and I have a slew of things that just need framed. But I hate getting things framed. It’s a commitment, and pricey.

I did have a little luck though, and found a nice gift before we headed out for pizza.

Now I am cramming. I am burning printing cutting writing cards and wrapping. All while the TV is on in the background and my hatred for Jay Leno grows.

I will give kudos to the laptop tonight. While I am making a big 80 MB PDF, I am burning a CD, printing hundreds of complicated color pages, reading online, buying music and chatting here and there. No hiccups. It’s just working. (Knock on lapdesk) I’ll be honest, this amazes me. I remember OS9 all too well when any task meant I could go make coffee.