Michael Jackson masturbated me with his mouth

Are depositions not allowed to use prepositions pronouns? Or do all 13 year olds talk like this?

So I’m reading along, turning the page when I hear the chimes of tinkerbell, and frankly, this story needs shelved.

It started with the looped news video of lear-jets landing, and then I had to suffer without cable as the vaseline smeared lens let Barbara Walter’s video image wash over my living room saying things like, “It hurts to hear words like Whacko Jacko, doesn’t it?” This from the same woman who perpetuates his freak-nature.

And as much as I want to have faith that this entertainer is innocent, I don’t really want to know until it is over.

Because frankly, like evil clowns, his mugshot is giving me nightmares.

I shall start making notation of sleep and work lost over the coverage, to help solidify my litigation in a case I will file against The Media. (This case will be multifaceted and I hope to have it in motion before I sneak quietly into the woods with a typewriter and lots of stamps)